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Florida and Georgia: Kinda don’t like each other


Pictured: Tebow, One of my countless ex girlfriends

Pictured: Tebow, One of my countless ex girlfriends


 I went on record with my stance on the Brandon Spikes Eye Gouging controversy earlier this week.  My point is, that in any given football game there are countless instances of excess violence and subsequent repurcussion.  These often do not play out in front of the crowd, they happen away from the play or at the bottom of the pile.

Here is a little quid pro quo.  Illegal hit away from the play against Son of God Tebow.   I want Tebow to father my children in my stead, and I’m not even that pissed abou this.  Florida and Georgia REALLY hate each other, and this stuff happens.  Even the Georgia RB who was the victim of attempted gouging said that he didn’t think Spikes should be suspended.   Now lets all put on some pants on go on with our lives.




Emergency Speakerboxx(x) update: Brandon Spikes will be suspended for the entire next game, not the first half. TYSOTB editorial staff is appropriately indignant. And no, Kornheiser, Spikes was not “trying to remove his eyeballs from their sockets.” Check out the men’s department man.

Speakerboxx(x) update correction: Only two thirds of the editorial staff is appropriately indignant.

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Epic Fail


Fellows, what have we learned here?

1) Never get married.
2) If you must enter in to a legal contract that entitles another person to half your ends, don’t propose that shit in a fucking baseball stadium.

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