Tebow and DMX Together at Last

There are things that happen in sports sometimes.  Sporadically I will provide you with direction on how to obtain further information on these subjects.

I know what your thinking: Vato, you cover such a diverse array of sports from across the globe… when will spend a little time to acknowledge SEC Football?  And you are right, young lady.  Wait, thats not what you were thinking?  Well screw you witch.  It was my $50 Million investment that bought the array of Cray supercomputers that provide the backbone of the TYSOTB architecture, so I will post 30 consecutive pictures of me and Tebow photoshopped into a wedding ceremony if I want.

What They Are Saying about Tim Tebow (NOLA.com) - The New Orleans periodical assembles about 25 sports writers and gives them a paragraph or two each to furiously fellate Tebow.  God I am going to miss this.  For the next 6 months that is, until he turns Jacksonville into a superbowl winner next year.   BOOYAH. 

Tebow Jokes Highlight Fan’s Confidence in his Abilities-  My favorite Tebow fact?  Tebow is the greatest college athlete of all time and if you don’t agree your a giant commie homo so why don’t you go back to terzekhistan and continue hating my freedom you filthy pederast yeah you heard me THESE COLORS DON’T RUN.

Alabama Players Missing Practice Due to Swine Flu - That’s funny, because I plan on missing some work this week with a terminal case of SWAGG FLU <holds up a giant gold chain, does the chingy dance for a while>

Gator’s Steve Addazio Steps out of Obscurity - Everytime I hear the words “Steve Addazio” and “Interim Head Coach” a little piece of me dies.  I wouldn’t trust Steve Addazio to interim head coach my Madden team.   He would draft Darren Sproles in the first round, and proceed to run 600 consecutive draw plays with him Dave Wannstadt style.

Lindsey Vonn Crashes, Questionable for Slalom World Cup - Ok let me see here <adjusts monocle> there’s some broad called Vonn who partakes in an activity known as Slaloming… <skims down> I don’t see the SEC mentioned in here, wtf.   That said this little minx is relatively cute for someone who spends all her life in the cold.  And you know she leaves those gold medals on in the bedroom. Now thats what I’m talking about, RAWR.

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