polar bear facepalm

In a universally acclaimed move*, Atlanta Braves GM Frank Wren has traded Javier Vazquez to the Yankees for a sub replacement level outfielder and some prospects that are years away from even having a chance to contribute.   Just to be clear, that is the Javier Vazquez who struck out 238 last year on route to a panty dropping 1.03 WHIP, making him one of the 4 or 5 most effective pitchers in baseball.  

In what amounts to one of the clumsiest salary dumps in recent history, Wren has retained the more expensive, less effective pitcher in Derek Lowe, while shipping off the affordable and actually good at his job Vazquez.   I know what you are thinking:  “This sucks, but we will definately use that new $10M in salary flexibility to sign the big bat whose absence cost the Braves a playoff spot last year.  “  WRONG BITCH!

So basically, in Bobby Cox’s final year, and in the twilight of Chipper’s career, Frank Wren has opted to move our best pitcher and not address our most glaring weakness, power hitting.  Coupling this with an (formerly even more) awesome core of starters and All-World RF Jason Heyward debuting this year, it would be the perfect time to take a run at assembling a contender.  Instead we will enter 2010 with a club featuring less pitching and the same dismal hitting that took us to 3rd place in 2009.

When reached for comment, Vato Loco chugged 15 oz of whiskey and shot a hole in his computer monitor.

*By Yankees Fans

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