Throughout the history of collegiate athletics, few teams have suffered losses so embarrassing that the national landscape of sports is forever changed. Up until several years ago, there was only one certainty besides death and taxes: top tier D1 schools would always beat D2 schools.

As we all know, on that fateful day back in September 2007, then #5 ranked Michigan showed that the certainty of D1 success would forever be in question after a stunning loss to D2 App State (I take jabs at Michigan every chance I get). At the time, clearly this was an all time pwnage that had yet to be matched.

Until now.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or burying your head in the sand like Stylez G Lube), you may have missed the news that D1 NCAA Basketball powerhouse Syracuse lost to D2 Le Moyne in what can only be considered an epic fail.

The only saving grace for Syracuse is that it was technically an “exhibition match,” so any potential ranking deflation isn’t likely to happen. Needless to say, Syracuse’s loss to Le Moyne is just another example of an upstate New York team losing to the Dolphins, which seems to be a major problem for the area.

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