One of the majors stories around the interwebs today is the below video of Brandon Spikes sticking his fingers through the face mask of a Georgia Player. Presumably he is attempting an eye gouge here, and not a very advanced “smell my finger” gambit.  Either way, the self righteous militia is fully mobilized.

My stance: I am disheartened to see a Gator’s player do this on national television.  Seriously, you have to do this when you know the camera angle is obscured.  Get REAL people.  This shit happens 50 times a game from JV High school football on up to the pros.  Horrible, terrible, unspeakable things happen at the bottom of the pile.  Spitting in faces, attempting to break digits, and the powerball of sticking a finger up an opponents anus. Anyone who has played football on any level knows this.

The point is, this controversy-lite reminds me of a football version of when politicians get caught sleeping with their secretary. Wake up people, most of them are. In fact, the same characteristics that compelled them to powerful positions compel them to philander. It is the same thing in football.

Urban Meyer handed out a half game suspension. Against Vander-F’ing-Bilt. He made the absolute minimum contrition to the press. He knows full well that Spikes crime here wasn’t being dirty, it was being caught.

Am I only writing this post because Spikes is a gator?  Yeah, about 90%.  If he was from somewhere else, I would just silently disagree with the martyring.  Unlesss it was an Alabama player, in which case I would let out a scalding 2,000 word diatribe on how disgusted I am with his conduct.

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