Lane Kiffin is the gift to the blogging world that keeps on giving.  Fresh off an impressive National Signing Day showing, Lane is showing off some of the talents he picked up during his 3 weeks at Tennessee: gettin’ em while they are young.  Today Lane and the USC recruiting machine locked down a 13 year old.

Loathe am I to take anything out of context, but I think this quote from the young gentleman in question paints the picture pretty well:

“I’m very excited, but I was very, very nervous,” Sills said in the News Journal report. “It was very cool, but my heart was beating so fast and I was scared. But after it was over, I was so excited and pumped.”

Yeah, that quote happened.  I thought they didn’t usually release the names for this kind of thing.  Kudos to him for having the strength to confront this; it is the first step in the healing process.

Seeing as how one of Lane’s go to maneuvers is the hostess gambit, I like to wildly speculate know for sure that was employed.   Now that he is out in southern California, he has probably recruited some kind of Cyrus sister to go pass this kid notes in home room.  When reached for comment, Roman Polanski and Michael Jackson’s corpse approved.

Ed Orgeron was definitely prominently involved in this.  I like to imagine him pulling his shirt off routine in a junior high gymnasium.  Say what you will about Lane and Ed, but dem’ boys can recruit.

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